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September 2001


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Tue, 25 Sep 2001 18:11:26 -0400
"A LISTSERV list for discussions pertaining to New York State history." <[log in to unmask]>
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If you wonder why other nations should join in to defend freedom
everywhere, the following list was produced of people from other
nations who were in the WTC. The interaction of business from
around the world was being transacted and not just American
business interests in the WTC. These buildings represented
more than just NY or USA, it represented the place where all
could come together to keep business between countries flowing
for all. Although it definitely was a strike against the United States,
it was against the world by barbaric people who definitely have
other plans to continue. We mourn fellow Americans but others
mourn their countrymen also from this great tragedy.
              Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

                  A Weekly Summary of Events and
            Topics of Interest to Online Genealogists

                Vol. 6 No. 39 - September 24, 2001

 World Trade Center - Not Just Americans

Much has been written about the tragedy that killed many Americans
on September 11. However, some interesting numbers available on
the Web show that this is truly an international tragedy. America
has always been a melting pot of nationalities. At any time in our
history we have had immigrants and visitors from many other
countries. Those working in or visiting the World Trade Center on
September 11 included people of many nationalities. This is not
just an American loss; many countries lost valued citizens last

According to
the following are the known international casualties in the Attack
on America:

    Argentina: 2 missing
    Australia: 9 confirmed dead, 85 missing
    Bangladesh: 50 confirmed, more missing
    Belgium: 60 missing
    Brazil: 5 missing
    Canada: 2 confirmed, 100 missing (estimated)
    Chile: 1 missing
    China: 4 confirmed, 30 missing
    Colombia: 6 confirmed, 116 missing
    Denmark: 5 missing
    Dominican Republic: 3 missing
    Egypt: 1 confirmed, 3 missing
    El Salvador: 1 confirmed, 18 missing
    Ecuador: 32 missing
    Finland: 7 missing
    France: 81 missing
    Germany: 4 confirmed, 100 missing
    India: 250 missing
    Indonesia: 1 confirmed, 1 missing
    Ireland: 4 confirmed
    Israel: 1 confirmed, 150 missing
    Italy: 8 missing
    Japan: 2 confirmed, 100 missing
    Lebanon: 1 confirmed, 2 missing
    Malaysia: 7 missing
    Mexico: 150-500 missing (estimated)
    New Zealand: 1 confirmed, 100 missing
    Norway: 1 missing
    Pakistan: 3 confirmed, more missing
    Paraguay: 2 missing
    Peru: 5 missing
    Philippines: 7 missing
    Portugal: 3 confirmed, 20 missing
    Puerto Rico: 1 missing
    South Africa: 1 confirmed, 2 missing
    South Korea: 1 confirmed, 27 missing
    Spain: 9 missing
    Sweden: 1 missing
    Switzerland: 4 confirmed, 10 missing
    Taiwan: 9 missing
    United Kingdom: 100 confirmed, 200 missing (estimated)
    Zimbabwe: 6 missing

In short, the victims of the Attack on America include citizens of
at least 43 nations. This is truly an international war.