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Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:40:52 -0400
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> I was intrigued by the reference to a David Eddings novel set it the 1770s
> in Cherry Valley.  I'm fascinated by fictional treatments of history.
> Could the original sender of the message give us the name of the book?
> Nothing resembling it is in my local library.  (I'm assuming this is the
> David Eddings who writes science fiction.)

Gee.......I feel silly.  I completely goofed on the name of the author......
I have a series of books by this mysterious author....but Ive lent them out.  I
believe its Allen Eckert (SP?).  He has written a very good series of
books......however, I hear conflicting statemements as to the historical
accuracy.  The local historian in Cherry Valley says hes about 95 percent
accurate....and he did a good job with the other 5 percent.
He started out with a book that centered around the Ohio river......and the life
of Tecumsah......then from there he did a book on Pontiac.....I skipped ahead to
the last book called Wilderness War.....and this book had a lot to do with the
revolution and NY State.  You dont have to read the books in order.......but to a
degree, it helps.
The books are filled with references, and footnotes.....and they do a good job of
giving both sides of the story.....

On another note.  We have a very old road running behind my house.  It runs
parallel to Otsego County rte 35, and on the other side of the Valley is rte
Im interested in finding out when it was made, where it went, etc.....Ive asked
around at our local highway dept, the local museum, etc.....and nobody has any
definate information.  Ive heard a few times that it was part of the Cherry Valley
Turnpike, and went from Cherry Valley to the town of Milford......but I am unable
to trace down any further information.......specifically some sort of map......
Being new to tracking down NYState history....can anybody point me in a direction?

Karl Hoffmann
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