Dear George,

If the business was a registered partnership or a corporation, you might find
some information about it and its principals at the NY County Clerk's Office/
Division of Old Records, 31 Chambers St, NY, NY 10007.

Would also suggest a search in various city directories for NYC to see what
you can find for Charles Bro. Silver Works. You'll want to check the main
alphabetized listings as well as the ads in the City Register section in the
back of the directories. With few exceptions, these directories were
published annually and are full of information. For a more detailed
description of what you might find in city directories, take a look at my
online essay at

Best wishes,

Leslie Corn
NYC Genealogical Research & Due Diligence
New York, NY
NYG&BS Library Committee, Education & Publications Committe, and Subcommittee
on Collection Development
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>Hello from a Newbie,
>    I just found an old journal that tells me our great grandfather went
from England
>to New York in 1855.
>It states that their  "first home was in North First St., Williams Burgh,
> I worked at my trade in the firm of Charter Bro. Silver Works, Greenwich
>New York, and my wife worked at Mantilling"
>     I would like to find any available information about this location, and
>the employers....   ... pictures, text , etc.    This is my first venture
>the New York research area and so would appreciate clues from the old timers
>this area.
>   Thanks,
>    George