Nice try Daniel but I don't think you will get anywhere with your suggestion. They have been the
Catskills for a long time and Catskills they will stay. They are emortalized in the stories of
Washungtom Irving.:-)

"Daniel H. Weiskotten" wrote:

> While we are on the subject of early maps of NY State I want to ask if
> anyone has any idea why my surname appears on the 1656 Visscher map?  On
> early versions of this map, which has been published in a variety of
> places, the word "Wieskottine" is found just above the Esopus River (under
> the "R" in "Nederlandt").  Later versions of the same map put the word
> Kattskill (sp?) there.
> Since my family came over on a boat from Bremin area in 1847, I know it
> wasn't any one I know (although I am also a Freer of the Hugeunots).  I
> make a motion that we change the name of the Catskills to the "Weiskottens"
> Dan W.