I attended the recent "The Union Preserved: New York and the Civil War"
symposium at the New York State Archives and listened to an excellent
presentation (with slides) on the Elmira CW POW camp, the Union's
"Andersonville," by Lonnie Spear, author of "Portals to Hell: The Military
Prisons of the Civil War." I have looked through his book and found its
contents appear to be of the same high caliber, thoroughly researched and
detailed. May I suggest you check it out too?

Also I have encountered an excellent web site on Elmira prison camp:

Thomas McCarthy
Director of Editorial/Communication Services
NYC Dept. of Correction
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> J C wrote:
> > I've heard of a Civil War POW camp near Elmira, where the conditions were
>  > worse than Andersonville. I might be heading up that way soon. Can anyone
>  > tell me where it was exactly, if it still exists, etc. Thank you.