A heartfelt thanks to all who responded to my query.

David Minor

>Amos Eaton's journal which covers some of his excursions is in the
>Manuscripts and Special Collections, New York State Library.  Some of this
>papers are in the RPI archives, while others can be found in repositories
>such as Syracuse University and the Pennsylvania Historical Society.
>My particular interest in his botany/geology excursions on the rivers and
>canals which he conducted for the Rensselaer Institute,  was a famous
>chance meeting he had on the Erie Canal with the eccentric naturalist,
>Constantine Rafinesque, which had an impact on the history of botany in
>the Capital District area.  I have produced a two-part publication on this
>subject (a summary history and document packet) and will mail the same to
>any interested subscriber.

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