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>Just a quick question.
>I am new to the list and would like to know
>if the German settlers in the Livingston Manor
>area of Columbia County would have been more
>likely than other New York State settlers to be Loyalists.
>I suspect that my Burnett family were German Palatines
>and, were perhaps, Loyalists during the revolution.
Not to broadly generalize, but in the Tryon County/Mohawk valley region,
many Palatines backed the rebellion (Herkimer, Frey, Veeder, among others).
The Scots population, many of whom were brought over from the old country
by Sir William Johnson, supported their manor lords (the Johnson clan and
Daniel Claus)as loyalists. Of course, you see families divided in their
loyalties many times over.

Haven't read it, but I know there's a thesis out there on the Manors and
the "class revolt" that occured during the American Revolution. A search at might help identify what my memory has lost :-)


Greg Ketcham
"Drums Along The Mohawk: the American Revolution on the New York Frontier"