At 10:45 AM 6/25/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I grew up in the tiny southwest NY town of Almond, NY.  There was a house in
>town that was said to be used for the Underground Railroad.  I am curious of
>there is a place that shows the houses used in that area.  It's in Allegany
>County. Does anyone know of any place on the Internet or in a book I might
>find at a library that talks about this?
>Kelly Taft Krause

Ironically, there was a house in *my* tiny little town in upstate NY
(just about square dead middle of the state), CLAYVILLE, NY that was
said to be used for the Underground Railroad as well! It was quite a
large house with a large porch from which Henry Clay was supposed to
have spoken in the early 1800's (hence changing the town's name from
"Paris Furnace" to "Clayville" -- musta been one heck of a speech!!!)

Anyway, if you find a reference, or can find what other stops might
have connected the Clayville "stop" to the Almond "stop"I would
very much appreciate having that information.

Marsha Strong
Gainesville, FL