At 6:33 AM -0400 6/29/99, Bob Arnold wrote:
>Brewing was certainly a big business then, and Albanians in 1832 consumed
>a quarter of their own production. While I know of nothing in print, I did
>collect term papers and the like when I was Albany County Historian. Those
>files can be accessed through the Albany County Hall of Records,
>518/447-4500. Ask for County Archivist Craig Carlson or Deputy Director
>Patty Bryce.
>As for works on the Albany Irish, there was a thesis done at SUNY-Albany
>by a person named Rowley, about 30 years ago, that may help, and at the
>Albany Institute of History and Art there is a paper on Albany's ethnicity
>done by Jack Hotchkiss. You might also try NYS Assemblyman Jack McEneny,
>also a former Albany County Historian, for some leads.
Thanks for your help.
The Irish outside of NYC/Manahttan seem to be ignored.
I'm Brooklyn/Albany Irish.



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