For the New York History Net website, I would like to include information on the New York State curriculum for public schools that touches on the teaching of NYS History.
As most of us know, NYS History is touched on in the 4th grade and 7-8th grades, but what exactly do the Regents and the Department of Education expect to be taught and learnt? Are there curriculum guidelines and outcome expectations? What format do they come in and are they in the public domain? What rationales are offered for the value of teaching NYS History? What Colleges and Universities offer courses on NYS History for education majors and how are they taught? Are such courses required for teaching degrees and/or certification?
If you know of any web-based sources that I could link to, such as lesson plans, syllabi, discussion lists or citations of educational journal articles, please send me the URL addresses
I urge anyone who could help me with ANY aspect of these questions to contact me at [log in to unmask] or to post responses on this listserve.
Thank you,
Edward Knoblauch
Webmaster, New York History Net
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