Dear New York History List:
I received an inquiry on New York History Net this weekend that has me stumped. Can anyone help this fellow?
Edward Knoblauch
Webmaster, New York History Net 
Dear Mr. Knoblauch,
I recently unearthed a lead Seal of The State of N.Y. while metal
detecting near an old cellar hole in the Town of Solon, N.Y.. The seal
appears to have been stamped into the lead and is very detailed. The
reverse is however rough. Where can I get information on this type of
find, its use, etc, etc..
The seal measures about 1.5" in diameter and is round. The
obverse is rough (unworked) and has taken on a white
glazelike coating as old lead does. There are no holes in
the seal. I do not know much about the site, other than a
home was once located there and all that remains is the laid
up stone foundation.