Barber's Historical Collections of the State of New York, 1841, also
states, in its listing for the Town of Benton in Yates County (p. 605) that
"Hopeton is a small settlement near Dresden." And my copy of the DeLorme's
New York State Gazetteer and Atlas shows a "Hopeton Road" just north of
Cascade Mills, and south of State Route 54, on the Lake Keuka Outlet.

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> Subject: Re: Hopetown/Hopetoun
> Date: Friday, December 11, 1998 12:01 PM
> David:  Spafford's 1824 Gazetteer lists 'Hopeton Village" in the town of
> Benton in Yates County.  He says,"Hopeton Post Office, named by 2
> correspondents, but not on the general Table of Post Offices of this
> furnished me by the Post Master General, is at Hopeton Village, on the
> outlet of the Crooked Lake, one mile W. of Dresden, at its mouth."   He
> not list a Hopetown.
> Mary Jo Barone
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> Date: Friday, December 11, 1998 10:26 AM
> Subject: Hopetown/Hopetoun
> >Dear list members,
> >
> >A non-cyber reader of my first article on Charles Williamson wondered if
> >the Hopetown, New York, (near Dresden) was named after Hopetoun,
> >where Williamson's family originated. Apparently Hopetown was laid out
> >the same way some Williamson towns were.
> >
> >My French's Gazetteer doesn't mention a Hopetown and a search of the NY
> >GenWeb site for Washington County doesn't mention a such a place.
> >
> >Can someone on the list provide a few details on Hopetown. I'm guessing
> >that if it is connected to the Scotland Hopetoun it's not through
> >Williamson, but some other settler. Or perhaps it was just early
> >combined with wishful thinking.
> >
> >Any comments?
> >
> >David Minor
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