This is a response to David L. Bly's inquiry of July 7 about an "Indian attack upon a schoolhouse where the sole survivors were two small children."

I have been reading in the literature of the eastern frontier wars during the 1750s, 1760s, and 1770s.  The only incident I have found of Indians attacking a schoolhouse occurred in Pennsylvania, not in New York.  On July 26, 1764, near the present Greencastle, Franklin County, Pa., Indians attacked a schoolhouse.  They killed the schoolmaster, Enoch Brown, and ten children.  One boy, named Archie McCullough, survived the attack, though he was injured.  The Indians who committed the murders came from the Ohio country.

For further information on this event, see Francis Parkman, The Conspiracy of Pontiac, Chap. 22 (1851, several later editions), and  C. Hale Sipe, The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania (1931), pp. 473-74.  Both Parkman and Sipe provide references to their sources of information.

Mr. Bly may follow up on the genealogical angle through the lists and resources maintained by Rootsweb,

Jim Folts
Co-Moderator, NYHIST-L
New York State Archives