Monuments of all different types, as wells a some "look-alike" state markers, have been erected over the years by any number of orgnizations and even individual. I suggest starting with the towna nd county historians for the area of interest, then check with the county and state transportation departments. Usually when road are widened, markers and monuments are temporarily removed. Too often, in my experience, "temporary" becomes indefinitely. The re-erection of markers sometimes fals through the cracks, and they end up in storage somewhere.

Phil Lord
Historical Survey
New York State Museum
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>>> Daniel Martin <[log in to unmask]> 07/08/98 09:35am >>>
Speaking of historical markers, this was not one of the normal markers
you see around the state, but there used to be a small monument on
route 9, just south of Lake George Village, that marked the spot where
Ephraim Williams was killed during the Bloody Morning Scout of 1755. I
often bike and drive to Lake George from Albany, but I haven't seen it
in a few years now.  Does anyone know what happened to it?

Dan Martin