Since many of the items in Merrill's books were taken from columns the
date could be from the date of a column.  Otherwise to my knowledge
there were never any different editions-only different printings.
Certainly dont know all there is to know about Mr. Merrill but did own
the rights to publish all his books at one time and published the last
reprint of Mr. Merrill's work "The Underground and other Upstate Tales".
Norm Boughton, GM
Creek Publishing

David Minor wrote:
> York Staters,
> In Stagecoach Towns Arch Merrill discusses the Silver Lake Assembly
> gounds, near Perry. He says the auditorium burned 25 years ago. Since
> there were three editions of the copy of the book I have (1947, 1949
> and 1956) I'm not sure which date to count back from. Can anyone
> provide me/us with the actual date, or at least the correct year?
> TIA,
> David
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