I found a very useful website of historical date at
http://icg.fas.harvard.edu/~census/. Of course, they are ten-year
intervals, but it may provide some parameters to verify other data.
Good luck.

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                Subject:        EMANCIPATION DAY IN NY STATE

                Today in 1827 brought final emancipation to New York

                I am trying to find out how many remaining slaves there
were in New York
                State who were emancipated on 4 July 1827.

                I should be grateful for any help towards finding the
number, and if
                possible the demographic distribution. Names of
newspapers current at
                that date would be useful in the absence of hard data,
though collections
                here in the UK might be patchy.

                John Weiss <[log in to unmask]>

                Researching the four thousand Black Americans
                who took their freedom in the War of 1812