I'm looking for information on the Domestic Workers Union. According to
the American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers'
Project, 1936-1940 collection at the Library of Congress, the union "was
started by a group of Finns and a few Negroes in Harlem, who saw the
necessity for a fight against expoitation of Negro domestics. Until 1935
the office was located in the Finnish neighborhood..."

Many Finnish women worked as piika paikas (domestic workers), and I'm
particularly interested in the union as it relates to the Finns (since I
am involved with the Finnish community in the Finger Lakes area, and am
currently working on a committee to launch a Finnish Heritage project

So, can anyone help with info on the union or Finnish domestic workers,
especially in the Southern Finger Lakes, but anywhere in NYS is useful?


Deborah Clover
Ithaca, New York