One recent book on just that subject -the Erie Canal's affect on New York
State - is Carol Sheriff's 1996 book The Artificial River: The Erie Canal
and the Paradox of Progress.

There is a Mount Pleasant in the Adirondacks but that one, like Oswego
County is far more than 34 miles from New York City. It's either a section
of another town or perhaps Pleasantville, New York, in Westchester County,
which would be about that distance from NYC.

Good luck,

David Minor

>Today I was visiting the many antique shops in Glendale, AZ which is
>located west of Phoenix. I usually hunt for old photos, but also like
>collecting old letters and other paper work.
>Found a paper work of the Thompson family, which resided at Mt. Pleasant in
>New York. A 29 Oct 1817 receipt for payment for advertising their home
>,from the office of the Columbian Dr. was attached to the newspaper
>clipping cut from the newspaper. According to the lengthy ad, the home was
>suit a lawyer or counsellor, as the present occupant has been many years in
>the practice of the law with success.
>The house for sale was located near a very respectable academy established
>in the village. It was also located 34 miles from New York City.
>By looking at New York maps, could this have been located in Oswego County?
>A buyer was to apply to William A. Thompson, Esq. New York or the
>subscriber of the newpaper Charles Thompson. (note one letter I have was
>written to Mrs. Charles Thompson No. 223 Pearl Street New York and
>addressed to My dear Lydia; another letter addressed to Mrs. Lydia C.
>Thompson 226 fourth street New York; another letter addressed to Mrs. Lydia
>C. Thompson, Woodbury in 1831)
>Also a hand written speech folded pocket size, marked "Speech respecting
>the Erie Canal 1820", but with no indication of writer.
>I truly enjoy reading history!
>Were the Thompson family an influencial family in New York? Are there any
>books I can interloan about the influence of the Erie Canal on New York?
>Thank you
>Marla Millsap
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