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   I have an enquiry from someone looking for a map of the underground railroad in
NYS. This person wants something showing the routes and possibly sites of udg. rr
locations. I know of no such map, but there may be one, so does anyone know of a
   Aside from the fact that many (the majority?) of the sites claimed to be underground
rr. places are probably mythical or family traditions about an old root cellar, we
do know that the railroad existed in NYS and perhaps some historian/geographer has
made a map showing the major routes. Anyone know??
                                Jim Corsaro

Dear Jim:

I may have an answer to your question. One of the "featured sites" for November at dealt with the Underground Railroad NYS. In fact, one of the sub-pages
on the site was a map from *History of the State of New York* edited by A. C. Flick
(no date given), of "routes of fugitive slaves to Canada."

The URL for that specific page (I just checked it - still up and operating here!)

Hope this is helpful to you.

                           Bob D'Agostino

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