Woodhull still exists, sort of. It's on some maps of New York east of
Forestport and west of Forestport station. Sometimes they even give it a
dot, Sometimes it just kind of floats there. I don't believe it exists as
any formal entity now, It is now in Town of Forestport, Oneida County. I go
through it occasionally. My husband knows someone who lives there. There is
a map showing the "Woodhull Tract" at:


Look near the upper right hand corner.

If I understand my history correctly, it would have been in Herkimer County
before Oneida County was formed.

Mary H
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> >Subject:           Woodhull, NY
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> >Can you tell me the location of this town, supposedly in Herkimer County
> >in the 18th century? Thank you. L.K.Weber
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