hello, i found this listserve while searching for NY history (what a
coincidence, eh?) well, anyhow, i dont how kindly you look upon high school
seniors looking for info for their reports...
but I have a BIG report due friday to my honors American History AP class
on the colony of New York up until the Constitutional Convention in 1787..

i have to have:

-a brief history from the founding of NY till the convention
-social trends: pop., religious beliefs, social structure, ect.
-politics: political traditions, basic structure of state's constitution
until 1787, who were the political leaders (names and social classes)
-economy: major economic functions, what are they dependant on
-any geographical info

I am not asking for a freebee here, just help on finding info, preferable
from a user on this listserve or somewhere else on the net...

thanks again... bye