As the Southerners would say, I don't have a dog in this fight; but I think it's a very neat endeavor. By the way, my daughter is librarian at a private elementary school in Brooklyn, so I am interested. Good luck!


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I am researching the lives of the 150+ librarians who headed a neighborhood branch of the New York Public Library during the first 50 years of its branch system, 1901-1950.  I have started a blog called NYPL-Librarians at to report on my research. 


The blog will include information on my demographic study of the librarians; the autonomy the branch librarians (all but 6 were women) achieved within a male-run institution and then lost beginning in the 1930s; the process of racially integrating the staff starting in 1920; and the librarians' publication patterns.


I’m also writing short profiles of the librarians and post them on their birthdays.  The hope is that a descendant doing family history research might contact me after coming across the entry, and I may be able to get access to additional personal data, or reminiscences or even letters. 

I’ll also use the blog as an outlet for interesting vignettes, such as the post about a librarian’s assessment of the impact of the Milton Berle TV show on the High Bridge neighborhood in the Bronx in 1950.


I welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.


Bob Sink

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