I am not sure which region of NY you are in, but you could contact the regional Library Council office (3Rs) since many of them are now engaged in digitizing regional collections and newspapers are being done as well - if you let me know where you are, I can probably give you a contact!
Heidi Bamford
DHP Regional Archivist
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Subject: scrapbooks

As a new town historian, I inherited a number of large scrapbooks filled with local newspaper articles cut and pasted into their pages covering a spread of many years. Until now, they have only been used by occasional curiosity seekers thumbing through pages until they tire of reading them. I would like to index them on computer so that researchers could find specific people, places, and events. I am thinking of using microsoft word tables (I cannot afford access.) to create lists that provide book, page, people names, place names, and events that we can then use the "find" tool to locate. This will be a big project for volunteers, so I would like to use the simplest yet effective technique. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.