Hi Carol-


Jim suggested path master and poundmaster.  However, I now believe you are
correct that it is poormaster.  Someone else had suggested  that as well.
I'm guessing since it's from 1809 that the "p" could look like an "f" if the
loop were a little large and someone could have spelled poor as "pore."  It
seems there were poormasters in later years in the area.


Thanks so much for the info. If I hear otherwise, I will let you know.  


Wanda Parker 



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            I have never heard of a foremaster but it might be listed and
described in the New York State 1777 Town Law. If you discover what this
person was supposed to do it would be interesting to know about it.


            The other person to contact to Jim Folts at the NY State
Archive.  Jim knows everything and is very helpful.


            Best of luck



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I am contacting you at the suggestion of Robert Weible, State Historian and
Chief Curator New York State Museum.


My mother, Dorothy Jandrew, was town historian for Dickinson Center, New
York, for many years.  I am helping her do research for a book on the
history of Dickinson Center.


Records show Town Supervisors, Assessors, etc.  However, there is an 1809
listing for an official entitled "Foremaster."  I cannot find a reference to
this anywhere and was wondering if you can tell me what the duties of a town
Foremaster were?


Also, I would like to obtain a "job description" (of sorts) or list of
duties of a Town Supervisor during the 1800's.  Do you know of any resources
for me?


In fact, any information regarding Dickinson Center would be most welcome.




Wanda Parker