Does anyone know anything about the history of  the Townships of Unanimity, 
Frugality, Sobriety, Regularity, Enterprise,  Economy, and Industry?  They are 
all shown on Simeon De Witt's 1802 and  1804 maps of the State of New York.  
They are located in northern Herkimer  County, near the modern town of Old 
    I have not been able to find these townships on  later maps, and they 
don't seem to be mentioned in the few local histories I  have consulted.  They 
must have existed on paper only, but I would be  curious to learn more about the 
origin of these curious names.  Given their  location, they seem unrelated to 
the famous group of classical place names in  central New York with which De 
Witt is associated.
David Allen
Encinitas, CA
(formerly Map Librarian, Stony Brook University)

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