Dear Paul : I agree/concur.  The common/overdone use of the slash to
link related terms is confusing and should be condemned/avoided.


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As we approach the Hudson-Champlain observances in  2009, there is a
of historians' writing style that has me  intrigued.  I find myself
annoyed when I read a phrase that seems  to me trite and hackneyed in 
otherwise good historical writing.  Am I being  oversensitive, or is
this a valid 
gripe?  The phrase is this:  In  1609 Hudson/Champlain "explored the
which bears his name."   This gets written in this way over and over. 
this worn-out,  stale phrase be avoided by good writers?  I guess once
begins to notice  it, the more annoying it gets.
Paul Huey

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