Has anyone seen a printed notice in the last few days concerning the 
consummation of a complicated land deal involving about 260,000 acres 
of International Paper Co. Lands in the Adirondacks?  The state and 
IP reached an agreement about purchase of fee title and/or easements 
a couple of years ago, but it was held up when some of the towns 
exercised their veto rights as provided for in the law creating the 
Environmental Protection Fund in 1993.  In the meantime, IP sold the 
land (encumbered with the easements) to Lyme Timber Co. of Hanover, 
New Hampshire.  I have been told orally that the deal was to be 
finally completed last Wednesday, but I can't find any published 
reports.  If you have seen anything, would you please supply name and 
date of paper?


Philip G. Terrie
Interim Director, Center for Environmental Programs
Professor, American Culture Studies
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403