I am once again in your debt.

I've gone in the direction all of you on the list have indicated, and now have my character safely aboard the Sally, a 75-foot Hudson River sloop. She has one large mainsail and a small jib, and is uniquely suited to the changing winds and tides of the Hudson.

Since I have never sailed on any boat, much less the Clearwater, I have spent many hours reading about the subject. One book I found that was remarkably helpful was Chronicles of the Hudson: Three Centuries of Travelers' Accounts edited by Roland Van Zandt and published by Rutgers University Press, 1971. Of the 22 first person accounts included in the volume, two were especially useful: John Maude's account of sloop travel in 1800 and and John Lambert's in 1807. Peter Kalm's journal (1749) was also informative.

Thank you all once again for generously sharing your expertise with me.

Susan D. Rosenberg, MD
aspiring writer of historical fiction