River travel in those days would have been by sloop. For descriptions,
you might want to take a look at Carl Carmer, "The Hudson" (1939) and
William E. Verplanck and Moses W. Collyer, "The Sloops of the Hudson"
(1908), both of which have been reprinted in recent years and are

Best of luck,
Scott Monje (Tarrytown)

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Subject: Question about Hudson River Travel circa 1790

Good evening,

My historical novel is progressing, thanks in part to the help I've
received from many of you. I'm back to trouble you with yet another
question, this one concerning Hudson River travel.

I have to bring a working class character up the Hudson River from
Tarrytown to Albany in the year 1789. Can anyone tell me about the type
boat such a person would likely have available to them for transport?
approximately how long might such a journey take? I'm assuming that
travel would have been the most efficient for a trip of that length.

Thank you once again for your help.

Susan D. Rosenberg, MD
aspiring writer of historical fiction