Since the Goody Garlicke matter had to do with the death of Elizabeth
(Gardiner) Howell, (Mrs. Arthur), many writings on Lion Gardiner
(Elizabeth's father) will mention the trial to varying degrees.  Lion
Gardiner interceded for the Garlickes, her husband being employed by
Gardiner on Gardiner's Island.


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Just because something of historical interest appeared in Newsday or
recounted in a lecture does not make it accurate.

Do I dare assume that my book "East Hampton - a town and its People"
was the
source of this particular entry?

One needs to go to repositories of sources and records. Town records,
example. They were kept in the first century of colonial life. The
should contact the Long Island Collection of the East Hampton Library
324-0222) and ask to be sent a copy from volume of town records
entry of 27 Feb. 1658.  The statement was made at the trial of Goody
Garlicke whom some thought might be a witch.

After the trial ended, the trial records were taken to Connecticut for
court to decide on Goody Garlicke's fate. The Court issued its written
opinion on 20 May. Although  noting that it found no evidence, it
the town for looking into it and encouraged the town to return to its
peaceable ways.

Nancy Hyden Woodward

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> Many thanks to all of you who responded to my firend's query on the
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> Here's another query in which someone out there might be of help:
> " your 27 Feb 1658 states Goody Davis's infant died.....goodman vaile
> his  wife refute this, claim Davis gave her child to an Indian woman
> nurse and it  died of starvation......this statement differs from
Orion and
> King's Transcript  of Lecture, and Gerorge DeWan of Long
> Our  question to you is: what is the real story about
> ancestrial grand mother, Mrs  Davis?..someone should look at the
> document for us who are not from New  York.........thanks Gerald Dee
> My own source would have been the Long Island Our Story site.
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