Randy Nash: "History of Barn Building in NY State"

Date:  Wednesday,  August 20th 2003

Place: The Tracy Barn, home of Linda and Mike Marsden,
          8938 Tracy Rd., between Pompey Hollow and Oran
          Delphi Roads, south of Route 20

Time:  7:00  Barns will be open for viewing.

          7:30  Randy begins his program.

                 Bill Casey, of Fabius, will follow with slides of
                   Barns in Fabius


The barn is a common artifact that everyone is familiar with. We drive to the
country to view them; they are favorite subjects for photographers and
Randy will give us the background knowledge to look at them in a different
We will be better able to identify the age and era of a barn and also the use
of the barn, as the history of the barn is "written in the fabric of the

               *Randy Nash

Randy Nash is well known in the state for his knowledge of New York State
barns. He has been studying and preserving barns in New York for 25 years. He is
the owner of New York State Barn Co Inc. and has personally worked on over 150
buildings. He has lectured throughout the State on the history and
development of barns for 15 years and has also taught a barn history course at
University College for 7 years. He is founding member of the Traditional Timberframers
Research and Advisory Group (TTRAG); a group dedicated to the study and
preservation of 18th and 19th century timber frame structures.

Randy is a native of Pompey and lifelong resident of New York State. He lives
with his family in a Dutch barn converted into an energy efficient home in

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