Buffalo is an excellent place for permits!  Read on:
         "Buffalo Common Council Proceedings from 1854 to present. It
appears that the city began to issue building permits in the 1870s, each of
which required Common Council approval. Prior to 1887, look in the index
under the owner's last name. From 1887-1906, look in the index under
"Permits"; they're arranged by owner's name. From 1907-1950, the permits
are arranged by address. Actual permits from 1895 to present are on file at
City Hall, Room 301. Finding a permit will date your building and, in some
cases, identify the architect. " (quoted from Cynthia Van Ness)

Hope that helps


At 03:59 PM 7/28/03 -0400, you wrote:
>  I was wondering what other municipalities(cities, towns...) have kept
>their building permits.
>Albany has from 1909 to present and Schenectady has from about 1902 to 1940
>at their historical room above city hall.  What other places in New York
>state have also kept their records?
>Mike Engle
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