Good Day All,
I do the website for The Association of Public Historians of New York State (APHNYS).   On  you will find a list and address for all the county historians in the state.  This is the most up to date list you will find, because they notify me as soon as there is a change.  I also decided it would be benificial to genealogists and history buffs if I linked the county with the municipal (town/village etc)historians within each county.  So eventually there will be a complete list for every historian in the State of New York.  Some of the counties have links already so you can check them out.  There, now isn't that easier then hunting for us? ;-)
The web site also lets you know as historians what we are doing to preserve our state's history, and any current issues, in case your interested.  The home page link is
I am proud to say that New York is the only State that requires by law that every municipality have a historian, which is 1600+ of us.
Cindy Amrhein
Town of Alabama Historian
in Genesee Co., NY
Experience the Town of Alabama in Genesee County, NY.
APHNYS (Association of Public Historians of New York State)

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