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Subject: RE: Colonial roads/maps
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:49:41

Did you look in Mix's Index?

NYHIST-L moderator's note:  The reference is to David E. E. Mix, Catalogue of Maps and Surveys . . . (Albany: 1859).  This catalogue, available in the New York State Library and other large research libraries in NY, lists maps in state offices as of the date of publication.

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Subject: Colonial roads/maps

As webmaster/researcher for the Church Family of Petersburgh, NY website, at <>

I am seeking an online map that may show the primitive road network extant
in 1780 in CT, MA, and eastern Rensselaer County in eastern New York State.
My goal is trace the probable route taken by the Church & Stewart families
in their 1780 migration from Stonington, CT to the Little Hoosic Valley in
NY, where they became leaseholders on the Stephen Van Rensselaer manor.

In particular, is the 1779 map by Claude Sauthier available for online
viewing in its entirety?

Thank you for your assistance.
- Daniel J. Bornt
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