For an overview of smallpox and its impact on U.S. troops during the
Revolution, see Elizabeth Fenn, Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic,
1775-782. Judy Wellman

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> Subject: Re: "Doctor" Barker query
> David,
> I know nothing about "Dr Barker," but I have read in the Town Records
> of
> Hanover, NH repeated votes during the 1780s forbidding innoculation for
> small
> pox and providing fines for anyone who did it.
> There was strong opposition to the concept of innoculation and one
> needs to
> know what Col Trumbull's feelings were on this.
> Since there is always some danger with innoculation (something of
> concern to
> us today), it might be that the troops, as a whole, were better off as a
> result of
> the innoculation efforts.
> Regards,
> Homer