I grew up on a road in Red Hook called Yantz Road named after a family
who had lived there for many more years than I can remember - several
years ago (I didn't keep the citation) I read somewhere that Yantz was a
Romani name.  I no longer have contacts in the area (I moved out 25 years
ago), so I can't confirm this information.

This may be completely incorrect and I do not vouch for either the source
or my memory.


On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, NWDB 2000 wrote:

> Ruth and list,
> Just to add to your puzzle...
> I am originally from the Ticonderoga area and I can remember my grandmother
> telling me not to play in the front of the house, we lived way out in the
> country on a main road, because the Gypsies who traveled the road stole
> children.  There was also a man in the village whose first name was Gyp and
> that was because the Gypsies left him.  Now this man lived right acrosss the
> street from where my grandmother grew up in the 1870's and 80's.
> Old wives tales and gossip, yes but like most folk tales and legends there
> is usually somewhere a true basis for them even if based on
> misunderstanding.
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