I wonder how many libraries are using some of the Web based technologies to
provide access to their manuscripts and other rare items?  For example, I
believe it is Laserfiche that allow you to OCR a document so that when
posted on the Net it is entirely keyword searchable using the original
looking document.  I know the Schenectady Public Library has done a great
job on providing some of the early maps and manuscripts they have on the
Net.  I know that many use plain OCR packages like Omnipage, TextBridge and
others which do provide the text information, but these other technologies
give you the "look and feel" as well.  And not to be beat a dead horse, but
if institutions do use these technologies, does it encourage them to destroy
the original since they now have a digital version that is "almost" as good?

Finally, has anyone compiled a list of the web sites that do have these
items?  Seems like it would be a good resource for those geographically