On 11/5/01 (9:18:27 AM EST), as part of an eMail, Julia ([log in to unmask])

"I have joined this list because I am currently working very hard on a
project which involves geneological research, but which has me stymied to a
fair degree due to my collection of "lore" which contains no references to
accurate names and dates ... My question to the list is whether anyone might
have some suggestions or guidance for me with regard to specific resources
which I might do well to consult for further research.  For instance, were
their directories which made reference to the "high society" of New York City
in the early 1900's?"

You may want to subscribe to the NYC genealogical message board
"[log in to unmask]" and post your query there.

Information on how to subscribe, search their archives, etc., can be found at:


Good luck.

Walter Greenspan