Good Morning [form Harry Bradshaw Matthews]:
In response to inquiries regarding the USCT Institute's Planning Summit 2001, the following materials have been added to
Scroll to "USCT Commemorative Symposium," under which you will find:
1. June  2001 annual meeting minutes;
2. National Symposium Preliminary Application [for regional conference sponsors];
3. Summit 2001 Registration Form [for meeting in Oneonta, NY for Oct. 5-7, 2001].
The Symposium will commence during September 2002, in which six regional conferences will be held each fall and spring for three years, with the national conference to be held during 2005. The theme: "The Role of the USCT in the Civil War." Sponsors are already positioning themselves in Rochester, NY; Harrisburg, PA; and Hampton, VA.
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Good Morning Sir, I have had a few inquiries concerning the conference next month.  I would like to suggest that your web site be updated with current information.  The conference can be marketed well from your web page.

Looking forward to being at the conference.

Ben Hawley