The campus was a Shaker Village, not a Quaker Village, and many of the buildings were original to the Shaker history. The State Museum did an archeological study of the campus in the 1980s for the Corrections Department. You should contact them (DOCS) or information on that. There are persons in the Rochester area who have mantained a small museum on the campus and you should be able to find out a lot of the history of the place through regional historians.

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I believe Craig Colony at Sonyea was a Quaker Village before being taken over
by the state of New York.

I have approximately a dozen photo postcards of Craig Colony taken when it
was an institution run by the state.

I also have good leads for information about Rome State School. Phil Ferguson
wrote a history of mental retardation focusing on Rome. That might be a good
starting point. It was published by Temple University press.

Contact me directly for more information.
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