Rochester author Nicholson Baker's book "Double Fold: Libraries and the
Assault on Paper" covers in detail the problems with microfilming and
destruction of original books and documents. This is a book that should be
read by anyone who has an interest in history or genealogy or is connected
with a library or archives. According to Baker, millions of federal tax
dollars have been used to "preserve" books and newspapers on microfilm,
after which the originals are destroyed.

Chris Andrle

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Subject: Surrogate's Court records destruction!

> I was at a talk given recently by the Chief Clerk of our local Surrogate's
> Court in which mentioned that she is under orders to send out records for
> microfilming.  What is most disturbing is that these original documents
> are then destroyed by the microfilm contractor and many of these
> microfilmed records are not readable!
> Thus the information is lost for ever!
> What can be done to save these original documents?
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