Holiday Greetings to one and all,
I am writing a regimental history of the 43d New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment which was the first 3 year regiment from NY State during the Civil War.  Seven companies were raised in metropolitan Albany and three companies came from New York City.  There appears to have been a strong Democratic Party influence among the New York recruits and Republican affiliation among the "Upstaters".  This dynamic appears to have lead to a lot of resignations by various officers in 1862.  Can anyone recommend any resources of information which discuss the friction and influence on the political party affiliation among recruits and unit from NYS in the Civil War?  I am well versed on the 40th NY Mozart Rifles and the politics of the 44th NY, Ellsworth's Avengers.  Any others your good folks could recommend?
Thanks much,
Buck Buchanan
PS:  Also if anyone knows of any info on documents concerning the 43 NYVI I would appreciate that as well.  Some members provided some great info to this request earlier