Over the years I've seen a lot of the implements in old barns --
particularly ice saws and tongs. Probably would not be too hard to find

No doubt the impact was pretty substantial in rural areas since a lot of it
was shipped to cities and south.

I believe a lot of the ice was packed/separated with sawdust.

There are still ice houses around. They had interior siding as well as
exterior to provide a measure of insulation. Donno whether it was common to
place anything  such as brick in the space between the two sidings. They had
doors at several levels and were emptied from the top down.

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> Dear All:
>         I have been asked about information having to do with the
> harvesting of ice in central New York.
>         Does anyone have anything to suggest that would be useful?
>         This is for a 4th grade teacher.
>         I really don't know where to turn aside from some pictures.
>         With thanks,
>         carol kammen