FW: 1747 Nellis Tavern
Rachel Bliven
Interpretive Program Coordinator
Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission

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Subject: 1747 Nellis Tavern

Hello Daniel,

   The "particularly wonderful" old tavern you speak of is the Nellis Tavern in St.. Johnsville, just east of Little Falls, on the south side of Rt.. 5.  Since your last sighting about 1990, the building has received much attention.  The road-facing facade and gable ends have been repaired and painted, antique Federal sash purchased  for these sides, and new Georgian sash sets are almost finished for the the original front, which faces the river.

On the interior, the fireplaces have been restored, and plaster repaired in two rooms and the entrance hall.  Many period furnishings have been added, including many items from the Nellis Family.  If you would like a copy of the Palatine Settlement Society Newsletter, email an address to [log in to unmask].  Good luck in your research.  Bob Smith   

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