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<< Often it is the mechanical application of these rules across the board,
instead of the examination of a situation by a thinking human being, that
causes the unthinkable to happen.

I am a member of the NY Public Library and my nearest branch is in a corner
of the NE Bronx.  They relocated a few years ago from a small storefront to
an elaborate new building a few blocks away.  When I asked to use their
microfilm reader, they looked at me like I was an alien from another planet.
They told me that their microfilm reader was discarded because it was no
longer needed, as they now have computers.  How ridiculous is that?  I had
asked about an inter-library loan for newspapers and was told that newspapers
could not be sent by mail  Hello? Don't they know that films are
sent?........I guess not; that would require a film reader. I purchased a
reader, since then but it is worthless if I can't take the film out of the
library...a catch 22.

Eileen in NY