I hope members of the list will permit me to add that sanitation is a
recurring theme in Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace, GOTHAM: A HISTORY OF
NEW YORK CITY TO 1898 (Oxford), esp. chapters 35, 42, and 44.

Edwin G. Burrows
Brooklyn College

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Dear New York Historians:

The query below came to New York History Net. Can anyone help her?

Dear Ms. DiSalvo,

Beyond Griscom's Report, I'm at a loss. I'll post your query to the New York
History listserv.

Edward Knoblauch, Webmaster
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I'm a graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I'm
researching the sanitary conditions in New York City during the 1840's.  Any
information would be appreciated.  I am reading John H. Griscom's "Report on
the Sanitary Conditions in New York City, 1845"

Thank you.

Gloria DiSalvo
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