The following NYS museums are known as of the early 1870s:

1836        AB NYS Museum founded, Albany
1849        NY Great Chinese Museum opened, NYC
18690406 NY American Museum of Natural History opened, Arsenal Bldg, Central
1870        NY Metropolitan Museum of Art collection founded, NYC
18720220 NY Metropolitan Museum of Art opened, 681 Fifth Ave, NYC

Tim Holls

In his book _Across the Wide Missouri_ (1947), Bernard DeVoto refers to the
purchase by "a New York Museum in 1868" of paintings of American indians by
Karl Bodmer, a famous artist of the early American West.  The book provides
no further details.

Does anyone have a list of museums in the state that were active in 1868, and
which ones might have been likely to be collecting material like this?

Thank you.

Reed Augliere