the question was asked:
> A website for searching the burials to date at the new cemetery
>In Saratoga. This includes the names of wives.
>Does anyone know if this is also available for other National
>Saratoga National Cemetery - Listing of burials can be found at

The U.S. Civil War Center in Louisiana State Univeristy has many National
Cemeteries on-line, mostly in teh south and dealing with the Civil War.  I
was recently working on a project for the Nat. Park Service to help arrange
the data on Union burials in the National Cemeteries around Richmond and
had a heck of a time finding th elists other than going to the VA in DC, or
relying on serendipity to have a printout of an old (Lotus) computer list
of the burials.  The folks at the Civil War Center stepped in and sent us
the files.  I need to get busy and get back on that project before they
find someone else to do it!

There must be other places that have other National Cemeteries on-line

Here's the link for the Civil War Center at LSU.  It gives the cemeteries
and links to the proper pages (which come from all over the web - maybe
searching the links will help you find more):>

        Dan W.