I was unable to find any evidence that the 1825 NY State Census was
capitulated or published in any way except for population statistics.  The
1835 and 1845 census summaries are fascinating and very detailed, making me
cringe when I think of what was not saved and what has not survived.  The
Federal and State census publications are usually found in larger and
Univeristy Libraries.

        Dan W.

At 07:23 AM 11/18/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Query RE: New York State Census of 1825; and 1810 agricultural Statistics
>derived from federal census of manufactures.
>        Does anyone on the list know whether there exists a statistical
>summary of the state census of 1825? I know that the Secretary of State
>produced published summaries for the censuses of 1835, 1845, 1855, etc.
>But I have never seen one for 1825, and I was led to believe that the
>state did not produce one.  Does anyone know if the statewide information
>from the 1825 census might have been summarized elsewhere in some
>arrangement other than a free-standing book.
>        I am particularly (only) interested in the AGRICULTURAL
>information from the 1825 census, summarized  by county and town.
>        Indeed, I am interested in any sort of statewide agricultural
>statistics that might exist for the state for 1825 or years prior.
>        The state undertook a major census in 1821 and it seems that
>agricultural information was collected in that census. Unfortunately,
>whatever records that existed from the 1821 census were (apparently
>)destroyed in the 1911 Capitol File.
>        HOWEVER, I have just realized that Horatio Gates Spafford's 1824
>edition of his GAZETEER OF NEW YORK incorporates much of that agricultural
>data on a town by town basis. So the entries for various towns include
>information on such things as amount of improved land and the number of
>sheep and cattle.
>        Spafford's 1813 edition of his GAZETEER (that is, the original
>edition) includes 1810 agricultural information for SOME towns. I have
>presumed that this information was derived from the 1810 Federal census of
>manufactures. (For example, Spafford includes a table of manufacturing
>data for the various counties for 1810.)
>        Some of the manufacturing schedules of the 1810 census exist for
>several counties
>and Queens.) I have not seen these schedules, although they are on
>microfilm available through NARA. I am, however, interested in counties
>other than these, in particular Albany, Delaware, Greene, and Schoharie.
>        Does anyone know if there might be a statistical summary of the
>1810 manufacturing schedule (with agricultural information) that covers at
>least counties, if not towns?
>Thanks very much,
>Ian McGiver
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